Faculty Publications

Faculty Research Paper Publication Details 2018, 2019,2020

Sl.no Name of the Faculty Research Paper title Name of the Journal Issue Date volume Single Author name Co-Author name
1 Dr.Bhargav Revankar Influence of social media on buying decision of customers in Garment industry Pragati Joournal of Indian Economy (EBSCO index) Special Feb, 2019 6 Prateek Desai
2 Dr. Bhargav Revankar Study of guest satisfaction level in room services at star hotels in northKarnataka International Journal of Innovative and applied research ISSN: 2348-0319, Vol-5 Issue-04 4 May, 2017 5 Dr. Bhargav Revankar
3 Prof. Ramesh Chandrahas Effect Of Online Sales Promotion On Brand Image TIJ’s Research Journal of Social Science & Management – RJSSM 1 May. 2018 8 Prof. Ramesh Chandrahas
4 Prof.Ramesh Chandrahas B PLAN ON AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD PROCESSING – CASE WITH RESPECT TO FARM TO HOME B – PLAN IJETMR -International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research 3 Apr, 2018 5 Prof.Ramesh Chandrahas
5 Prof.Nitinchandra S M A Study on Customer Satisfaction with reference to Vinayak Bakery and its Competitors At Haliyal International Journal of Engineering Technology
and Management Research
4 Apr,2018 4 Prof.Nitinchandra S M
6 Tejaswini Patil IMPACT OF JOB STAISFACTION AND WORK ENGAGMENT OB ORGANISATIONAL COMMITMENT International Journal of research commerce and management 8 Sep, 2017 7 Tejaswini Patil
7 Dr. Bhargav Revankar  A case study of fishing port, Mangalore Spurti , IMSR Journal of Management Thoughts volume – VII Jan-Jun 2017 with ISSN 2249-1201. 1 Oct,2017 7 Dr. Bhargav Revankar
8 Dr. Bhargav Revankar Sales Promotion of Toyota Brand into Car Owners in north-west Karnataka Cities Asian Journal of Research in Marketing  ISSN:2277-6621(Bi-Monthly) 2 Apr,2017 6 Dr. Bhargav Revankar
9 Prof.Harshal Borgaon Customer  Experiences  of  Electronic  –  CRM  Practices  in  Banking  Sector:  An  Empirical  Study  of  Belgaum  City Aayvagam – An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Feb,2017 Prof.Harshal Borgaon
10 Prof.Harshal Borgaon A  Study  of  Electronic  –  CRM  Practices  among  Youth  in  Indian  Banking  Sector  with  Special  Reference  to  Belgaum  City International Journal of Scientific Research (IJSR) Jan, 2017 Prof.Harshal Borgaon
11 Prof. Rashmi Fattepur “Effectiveness of training and development” , Jan  2018 Conference Proceeding of   M.A.M.B-School, Siruganur, Tiruchirapalli Special Jan, 2018 Prof. Rashmi Fattepur
12 Prof. Suman Kumar A study on single Stock Future in India and its Current Status Comparing With other Financial Derivatives with Special Reference to Options International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) Dec, 2017 Prof. Suman Kumar
13 Prof.Nitinchandra S M A Study on Customer Preference towards branded spectacles among young adults in Hubli city Post Graduate Dept of Commerce of Govt. College of Arts,Science and Commerce Special 2018 Prof.Nitinchandra S M
14 Prof. Tejaswini Patil and Ms. Lisha Mehta and Dr. N. Ramanjaneyalu Roles of Human Resource Practices in creating A Culture of OCB – A soldier for startups IMSR National Conference


SPURTHI – IMSR journal 2018

01 Sep, 2018 8 Prof. Tejaswini Patil and Ms. Lisha Mehta and Dr. N. Ramanjaneyalu
15 Prof. Tejaswini Patil and Dr. N. Ramanjaneyalu Impact of HR Practices on Organizational citizenship Behaviour GBS Impact – 1 Jun, 2018 4 Prof. Tejaswini Patil and Dr. N. Ramanjaneyalu
16 Prof. Nitinchandra More Factors Influencing students buying behavior towards smartphones in Hubballi – Dharwad cities IUP Publications Marketing Masterminds 2 Aug, 2018 4 Prof. Nitinchandra More


Faculty Conference /Seminar / Paper Presentation Details 2018,2019,2020

Sl.no Name of the Faculty Research Paper title Name of the Conference/Seminar Organized By Place Date Single Author name
1 Dr.Bhargav Revankar Digital Marketing tool for SME’s-Feasible? NASMEI , Summer marketing -IS conference IIM Indore Indore Jul, 26-28, 2019 Dr.Bhargav Revankar
2 Dr.M N Manik Social Media- A modern influencer of the consumer buying process of  smart phones “A case study of tier II  cities in India with referenceto  Dharwad city Karnataka  State, India PAN India IIM International conference IIM Rohtak. Rohtak. 12-14 Dec, 2019 Dr.M N Manik
3 Dr.M N Manik Relevance of Media and Advertising With Special Reference to Cable TV Advertisement in India  International Conference on Marketing, Technology and Society IIM Kozhikode Kozhikode 30-Sep-19 Dr.M N Manik