Alumni Association is functioning since 2010 with various activities planned to involve alumni in various capacities. The Association registration is in process for the smooth flow of the alumni process. The Association has its members from various levels like alumni, Management, Staff and the Company Officials.


The Objectives of the Alumni Association of GBS is as follows

(a) To strengthen the professional bonds between GBS, its alumni and the industry.

(b) To plan, organize and encourage various value adding activities for its members such as professional lectures, training program, conferences, seminars, etc.

(c) To publish journals, newsletters, books and other professional material for circulation among its members.

(d) To assist the faculty and students of GBS in various value-adding activities like curriculum development, sponsored research projects, case study development, student internships and placements.

(e) To assist the students by extending loan.

(f) To construct the Alumni building for the purpose of implementing the objectives.

(g) To conduct Alumni-Students Knowledge Exchange Programmes (ASKEP).

(h) To raise funds for the development of GBS and GBSAA.

(i) To extend possible Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service to the local community.

Events Under the Association

Under the banner of alumni association, following events are organized as follows

Alumni Meet
SAIL – Interaction with Alumni, Panel Discussion, Alumni Talk.
Involvement of Alumni in Subjects, SIP, MCP process, Bhumika,ED cell, Placement, and other events of GBS