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The Placement Cell, Global Business School, welcomes all eligible students to take active part in the Placement Process for the Placement Season 2018-20. GBS considers the Placement Process very crucial and extends all out support to ensure that students are given the right opportunity to streamline their career interests.

The placement team continuously endeavors to ensure GBS coming up with the best Placement results and will strive to continue to make the most favored destination for recruiting organizations. This is possible only with the assistance and full co-operation of all students.

In order to maximize the sum of benefits to all the stakeholders, the Placement Policy for the students is drafted and the policy is rolled out for the year 2018-20. This policy supercedes all the previous policies drafted for the placements earlier. It may be noted that some policy changes may take place during the year in the best interest of the whole batch. To realize a win-win situation for GBS and our partner organizations, all students are expected to understand the Placement Policy and follow it strictly.
The placement policy is applicable to all students registered for the 2018-20 Campus Placements of GBS (including the ones who may de-register) and is to be followed during the entire duration of the placement season.

Eligibility & Registration

  • All registered final year students of GBS are eligible to participate in the recruitment process for placements through the Placement Cell.
  • All students eligible for on-campus jobs have to register themselves with the Placement Cell.
  • The eligible students are required to fill in the Placement Cell Master CV and also            upload their photograph in the space PROVIDED. (Soft copy of the link will be provided to the student)

Application Rules

  • All applications to the companies are to be made through online system of the Placement Cell Portal of GBS. If a student does not apply on the website for a particular company, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the selection process of that company.
  • A list of companies coming on-campus for recruitment will be put up on the Placement Portal /website.The Placement Cell will announce the details of the companies and the recruitment drives with the dates on the Placement Cell Portal and also will notify through group mail and on the Placement Cell Notice Board. Applications will be invited from interested and eligible students (as per the criteria, if any, specified by the recruiting company). It is the duty of each one of you to regularly visit the Placement Cell Portal/Group mail/Placement Notice Board and apply for the same.
  • The process of application for any company is as follows : Students are given a google doc form against every  company recruitment notification to register and are also required to upload their CV (if applicable) in the link provided. The information provided will be shared to the recruiters prior to their visit to the campus.
  • A student can apply to a maximum of 5 companies. The status and the number of companies the student may further apply to will be constantly available on the application status page. Please check it after every application.
  • The decision to apply or not by eligible students will purely be their own. However, if any eligible student decides not to apply to 3 companies, s/he will disqualify himself / herself from the placement support extended by the Placement Cell.
  • If any student falls below 80% of attendance in the Pre - Placement presentation training, he/she will not be allowed to register for the campus recruitment (attendance is compulsory if you have to apply/ pre-register for any company). Students are responsible for their PPT attendance and hence are advised to not to miss any sessions of the Pre Placement Training for their own benefit. Attendance in the PPT sessions is thoroughly checked by the Placement Office before taking a call on sending the candidate to the interview process.
  • All students are advised to check the company profile and background thoroughly of each company before applying. Kindly make informed decisions BEFORE applying to any company on campus. The Placement Cell would NOT be liable for any default from the company's end at any stage later. Once you apply to a company all rules as per student policy will apply.

Rules of Withdrawing an Application
The student may withdraw his/her application from a company on campus subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • The student can withdraw his/her application to a company ONLY if the last date of application to that particular company is NOT over. There can be no withdrawals done after this date.
  • The student may withdraw from any or all companies without any limits, but only before the last date of application to company/ies concerned.
  • The student may also reapply to a company that he/she had earlier withdrawn from, provided he/she has not exceeded his/her application quota & application deadline for the company is not over.
  • Each withdrawal from a company (before the last date of application to the company) will increase his/her application quota by one.
  • After the last date of application all rules and regulations (including absenteeism penalty) mentioned in the section 'SELECTION PROCESS' will be applicable.

Selection Process

  • One student is allowed to secure only one job if the gross package is more than 5.5 lakh per annum. If the gross amount offered is less than or equal to 5.5 lakh per annum, he/she is eligible to apply for a company whose gross amount is more than 5.5 lakh per annum. And therefore after one secures a job with gross greater than 5.5 lakh per annum, one would be automatically deregistered from that day onwards.
  • In case a student gets selected in 2 or more companies then the company ranked higher in the preference order of the student will be the one where the student would be finally considered placed.
  • In case a company does not give its final selection list on the same day it visits the campus, then the students will be allowed to appear in other companies visiting on subsequent days till they finally get selected. However, if a student has already been selected by a company that came on the subsequent day & the company that deferred its decision also makes an offer to him/her later on, then:
  • In case more than one result of selected student(s) comes on the same day, then the student will be given an option to choose between company of the previous day and the company of the day.
  • In case the result of the company (which deferred its selection process) gives its result on a day later than the day when the student was selected by another company, this late offer will be rejected and the company would be informed.

Acceptance of Offers

  • The status of the selected or non selected students will be put up on the Placement Cell Portal. After this stage, in case the student is selected, the student would be required to accept the offer by clicking on appropriate link in the student login within 48 hours of declaration of the result. In case the offer is not accepted within 48 hours, the same would get communicated to the company through email. Whether one accepts or does not, one would not be allowed to participate further. It is advised that the students accept the offer immediately through the online system.
  • Students are advised not to sign offer letters under any company’s pressure before accepting it on the placement portal.

Post Selection/ Joining Policy

  • In case the candidate after accepting the offer is not willing to join the company to pursue higher studies or for any other reasons, he/she should inform the Placement Cell and the company simultaneously before 3 months of joining.
  • In all other cases if the candidate does not inform about the above, he/she will be liable for any further consequences, including referral to the institute for disciplinary actions.

Student Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

  • Students are expected to behave with the companies in a courteous manner and should not argue with the recruiters and maintain decorum.
  • No discussion with the recruiters regarding selections/selection process should be done.
  • If there are any behavioral problems from the recruiter’s side that students face, kindly inform the Placement Office immediately. Do NOT take action from your end.
  • If there are any behavioral problems reported side against any student, appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated.

Absenteeism rules and policy:

  • For absenteeism in any test, interview or any selection process which an applicant has to attend as part of a company’s recruiting procedure the following minimum penal action would apply:

         Absence of first time – Fine of Rs. 500
Absence of second time - Fine of Rs. 1000
Absence of third time – Debarred from on-campus placement

  • If for whatever reasons the student remains absent from any stage/round of selection process he/she would be immediately de-registered from Placement Cell and would not be allowed to take part in the further placement processes till he/she gets himself/herself re-registered.

Interview dos’ & donts’

  • Students must carry their I-cards at all times during interviews & screening tests. No one would be allowed to enter the Pre Placement Talk/ Aptitude test/GD/ Personal interview venue without the I-card.
  • Students appearing for Pre Placement Talk/ Aptitude tests/GD/Personal Interviews should be present atleast 10 minutes prior to the start of process. Any entry to the interview venue 5 minutes post the scheduled time would not be allowed. The candidate thus would be considered absent for that particular process. Any violation or forced entry after that time limit would be entitled to the above effects liable.
  • Be seated 10 minutes prior to the start of any activity to avoid delays.
  • Students must carry a complete file with a few copies of the resume, certificates (if possible) and copies thereof while appearing for the interviews.
  • At the time of appearing for interviews, students MUST carry copies of their resume only as was submitted to that company online & NO other resume.
  • No cell phones are allowed in a PRE PLACEMENT TALK by recruiters unless deemed necessary by the recruiters. Kindly refrain from carrying one into interview venues.

Dress Code during interviews:

  • You are required to follow a dress code at the time of your interview process. In case any of you fails to follow the code s/he may not be allowed to appear for the process. The dress code is as follows :Institute’s uniform with blazer on Uniform & Non Uniform days as well. Non compliance with the dress code will not be entertained and the student will not be allowed to attend the interviews.
  • Impeccably groomed and well presented.
  • Hair neatly combed.
  • Neatly trimmed facial hair, if required or clean shaved.


  • To support the activities of the Placement Cell, it is decided that a new Placement Committee will be constituted for the smooth conductance of placements of 2018-20 batch.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Placement Committee :

  • The members of the placement committee would be nominated through a criteria set by the institution. A Five (5) member group from the 3rd Semester & Seven (7) member group from the 1st semester will be the size of the placement committee which will work closely with the Placement Cell and is required to support all activities related to placements in the campus.
  • Ensure smooth conductance of the all the placement events for the 2019-21 batch (Pool campus drives/Off campus drives/Job fairs).
  • Coordination with students from our institution and other colleges for the campus drives and ensure that all placement related events are duly publicized and create a buzz around outside the campus offline & online.
  • Ensure that the recruiters are well taken care off during their visits to the campus. All the necessary arrangements from ushering the recruiters from the hotels to the campus and back, hospitality during their stay in the campus, ensure there are enough volunteers if there is a big drive happening, take charge of seating arrangements of all students in the respective interview venues inside the campus, ushering the job aspirants to the respective rounds and venues of interviews as also to ensure that the students do not loiter post their rounds and are given due directions to attending their nextrounds of interviews and possibly to their respective classrooms if they haven’t advanced to their next rounds.
  • Be ready with the nomination of an MOC on the day of the drive with a ready script for introduction and presentation, Bouquet presentation team and a technical team prior to the day of the interview.
  • Ensure that the students and the job aspirants are maintaining discipline during the Pre Placement Talks by the recruiters.
  • Preparation of a Placement brochure by the timeline given.
  • Support in design & publicity collateral (posters, Online media, canvassing at other colleges and at certain vantage points).

Mr. Yogesh Kumar Jigalur
Placement Manager
Global Business School,Hubli


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