Students Facilities

GBS prides itself on being a student-driven institute. Students at GBS are entrusted with resources and responsibilities early on. They are encouraged to take important administrative and policy decisions that sculpt their future and that of the institute.

The Students’ Council at GBS is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities on the campus throughout the year. The teams comprise of students’ from the first and second year and are led by coordinators who along with the President, Students’ Council form an executive body to oversee all activities.

The teams serve the interest of the students, the industry and the alumni in keeping with the vision of the institute. The body has been granted the freedom to fix independent goals for their respective teams and to use all available resources to accomplish the same.

The five teams in the Students’ Council bring together inspiration, information, aspiration, innovation and enthusiasm. Working together and for each other is a concept implemented ad infinitum at GBS. The Students’ Council prides itself on consistently setting new standards of excellence for others to emulate.

The Student’s council consists of the following:

Alumni Committee
Corporate Interface Committee
Extra Curricular Activities
Sports Committee
Cultural Committee
CSR Committee
Infra Committee
Canteen Committee
Information Technology
Placement Advisory Team
soft skill Development Facilities
Career Counselling
Corporate Internships
Final Placements