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Out door and Recreation Facilities


It is not all work at GBS. A state of the art gym provides the students ample opportunity to tone up their bodies in between bouts of exercising their grey cells. The gym comes equipped with a host of training equipment as well as a fitness trainer who keeps a record of the progress made by each individual.




The yoga facility that the institute offers provides a refreshing interlude for the students. A trained yoga teacher puts the students through their meditative paces. The facility has been well appreciated by the students and is reflected in the focus and concentration levels attained by them.




Swimming :

The water property allows people to do exercises that are difficult on land, 90 % of your body is buoyant when in the water up to your neck, so you are not hitting the floor as hard as you would on land.  No pounding or jarring! Swimming also gives Cooling Effects, Stress Release, Fitness, Therapeutic, Fun etc.




Golf :

Consider this, a sport in which can be played from the earliest of ages to late on in life.  Also coupled with this, a great social and familiar experience with the chance and opportunity to play competitively.  Then, the outdoor environment providing physical exercise in the natural, outside countryside. On sport comes to mind, one that no matter what ability, excitement and fun are a guarantee, that sport………………Golf!!



Table Etiquette :

In the present day scenario, Corporate people are more concerned about a fresh management graduate over the table during a lunch meet or dinner. At GBS, we try to give the best on such practices, in which Table Etiquette is one, in other words its called table manners. Table manners are the etiquette used when eating. This includes the appropriate use of utensils. Different cultures have different standards for table manners. Many table manners evolved out of practicality. This is one way we put in the best not only in table etiquette, but also the general etiquette.


Tennis :

It is no wonder that scientists and physicians around the world view that the tennis is the most healthful activity in which any one can participate.  There may be other sports that can provide excellent health benefits and some which can provide mental and emotional growth.  But no sport other than tennis has ever been acclaimed from all disciplines as one that develops great benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.

Above all the sports look is suitable for a corporate person. These are stylish and robust etc.

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